Making your own handmade greetings cards is a really fun craft. It’s also a craft you can make as straightforward or as complicated as you like. I’ve put together five simple card designs that are easy to make and adapt to the supplies you have available to you.

Let’s get straight into it!

Winter Birch Tree

Winter isn’t over yet – but instead of moaning about that fact, let’s embrace it! How about making a mini version of the birch tree painting tutorial I did last week? You could just paint one birch tree – that would look great on the front of a notecard.

You could even mix some white glitter into PVA (white) glue and paint it over the blue background before you add the trees. Hey presto, instant snow!

Love Hearts

This is a lovely way to show someone you love them. Take a few different sized heart embellishments and stick them to a plain notecard using sticky foam pads. Don’t worry about lining them up, or sticking them on in any particular design. It doesn’t even matter if they’re entirely straight or not.

You can use whatever embellishments you like here: sequins, buttons, hearts cut from paper or fabric… It looks great if you mix and match different textures and patterns. You could also throw in a couple of hand-drawn hearts, or some you’ve stamped onto the card.

Valentine’s Day Puns

I absolutely love a pun, so I’ve got a couple of different options for you here. And I can only apologise if you groan as you read them… 😀

I Love Ewe

Firstly, cut a simple cloud shape out of white paper to make the body of a sheep. Use sticky foam pads to stick it to a plain notecard. (I like sticky foam pads for this as they lift the embellishments up off the card and make them stand out.) Next, draw four legs with a black pen – these can just be straight lines.

Then draw a face, again in black. This can be as simple as an upside-down triangle with slightly rounded corners. Add an ear sticking out of either side of the head. You might also like to add a couple of red hearts as eyes, then colour the head and ears black.

Lastly, add the message “I Love Ewe” either with stickers or using letter stamps.

Bee Mine

Cut a rounded oval out of yellow paper and draw a couple of black stripes on it. Then stick it to a plain notecard with sticky foam pads.

Draw a stinger and a pair of wings. (An easy way to draw a wing is to draw a number 3.) A smiley face is also a nice addition! You might also like to add a dashed line behind the bee to show the route he took across the card.

Lastly, add the message “Bee Mine” either with stickers or using letter stamps.

Dried Flower Display

Dried flowers are great for crafts. Obviously at this time of year it can be kind of hard to get hold of fresh flowers to dry your own (although I’m planning a tutorial for this in the spring). It’s easy enough to get hold of a few to use as embellishments in crafts if you don’t already have any. Then when spring comes, you can dry your own to keep in your craft stash.

When you have some dried flowers, it’s really easy to make a simple greetings card with them. You really don’t need to add much besides the flowers themselves, so allow their natural beauty to shine through. You can then add a nice message, either with stickers or a stamp and ink.

Otherwise, you could cut simple flower shapes out of paper. Make each one a little smaller than the last and layer them up for a simple flower effect. You could add yarn/string/ribbon stems, or even hand draw them.

If you enjoy making your own handmade greetings cards and writing to the people you care about, you’ll love my free Creative Letter Writing mini course!

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