As creative people, we love to learn new skills and try out different crafts. In fact, sometimes we get a little carried away with the number of hobbies we have, to the point where we could really do with an entire separate room for our craft stuff (tell me this isn’t just me?). And if you do have your own craft room, I’m sooooo jealous of you 😉

So, bearing in mind how much we like to try new things, I thought I’d create a post dedicated to some of the best and most interesting tutorials I’ve found. I’ve chosen posts from some of my favourite blogs (ahem, and some of my own posts) to put together this resource for you.

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I had a lot of fun putting this post together, and I’ve discovered some projects that I absolutely want to try at some point soon. I hope you feel the same and find something to try from this collection, but if you feel like I’ve missed something out, please let me know.

Also, please feel free to share your favourite tutorials in the comments below. I want there to be something for everyone here!

[UPDATE: I’ve had to remove some of the tutorials from this post as they were no longer available on the website I linked to, so I think there might actually be less than 50 tutorials now! I’ll update it with some new ones soon 🙂 ]


Homemade Journals by Elsie on

How To Make A Mini-Book by Jennie on

DIY Origami Bow by Emma on

Make A Watermelon Note Card by Jennie on

DIY Pillow Boxes by Emma on

How To Marble With Shaving Cream And Ink by Elsie on


Essential Sewing Toolkit on

Five Common Sewing Machine Mistakes + How to Fix Them on

How To Take In Your Jeans by Tasha on The Sewing Rabbit (

Candle Making

How To Make Container Candles by me

How To Make Pillar Candles by me

How To Make Votives by me

How To Make Eggshell Candles by me

Jewellery Making

Make Real Silver Jewelry With Metal Clay by Laura on

Make These Glittery Gold Thunderbolt Earrings by Mandi on

Glass Map Necklace by Adrianne on


The Ultimate Guide To Upcycling With Pallets on

How To Make A Cushion Cover From A Slouchy Scarf by Mandi on

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board by Angela on

Natural Beauty Products

DIY 10 Minute Citrus Sugar Scrub by Emily Louise on

Natural Soapmaking For Beginners: Ingredients by Tanya on

Natural Soapmaking For Beginners: Equipment and Safety by Tanya on

Natural Soapmaking For Beginners: Basic Recipes and Formulating Your Own by Tanya on

Natural Soapmaking For Beginners: Make, Mould and Cure by Tanya on

Handmade Coconut Lip Balm by Torie Jayne on

Other Crafts

His & Hers DIY Sharpie Mugs on

How To Mix Chalkboard Paint In Any Colour on

Make Your Own Clay Word Magnets by Mandi on


One Cup Blueberry Pancakes by Emma on


How to Take Stand-out Product Photos with Jeffrey Opp Podcast by Jess Van Den on

A Beginner’s Guide to Using a DSLR for Blog Photography by Chaitra on

5 Essential Photoshop Tools (And How to Use Them!) by Chaitra on

Drawing and Painting

Watercolour Video Tutorials on Angela Fehr’s YouTube channel

How to Create Watercolor Flowers by Anna on

Easy Watercolor Portrait Tutorial by Elise on

8 Watercolor Techniques for Beginners by Rachel on

Learn To Draw A Face on

Intro To Hand Lettering by Marzi on


300+ Writing Prompts on

8 Simple Tips to Write Better by Elizabeth on

7 “Tricks” to Improve Your Writing Overnight by Ray on

11 Tips for Creating a Writing Routine That Will Leave You Feeling Free! by Kristen on

Starting a Blog

How to Launch a Blog on a Budget by Regina on

Digital Design

22+ Of The Best, Most Beautiful Websites For Free Stock Photos by Erika on

How To Create Your Own Worksheets In Adobe InDesign (And Make Pro Freebies + Digital Products) by Erika on

How to Create Digital Freebies for Your Blog Readers by Alisha on

Drop me a comment to let me know your favourite tutorials — I’d love to see what kinds of things you like to make! 🙂

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