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Everyday Creativity: Beauty

This post in the Everyday Creativity series looks at some of the ways we can get creative in our daily beauty routines. Click through to read the blog post.

This post in the Everyday Creativity series looks at some of the ways we can get creative in our daily beauty routines.

The Everyday Creativity Series

There’s a bit of creativity in everyone, although it’s true that some people are more creative than others. Our creative skills vary widely too. You could be into painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, scrapbooking, or any of the other bajillion creative pursuits that you could be great at.

But I think we tend to overlook the creativity in our everyday lives. Who says you aren’t being creative if you’re not sitting down with a sketchbook and pencil? Why can’t cooking a meal from whatever is left in the fridge be creative? Who says there’s no creativity in writing a letter? Or in decorating your house, or planting a garden?

I decided to write this series of blog posts to look at all the ways we can get creative in a regular day. Besides this post, there are another five posts in the Everyday Creativity series:

If there are other topics you think I should add, please let me know!

But now, on to today’s post…


I’m really not the best one to comment on the creativity of makeup application since I’m a straightforward eyeliner, mascara and lipstick kinda girl. But I know it’s possible!

Take a look at this for some ideas. I know some of these looks are a little outlandish, but how awesome would they be for fancy dress?

Even if you don’t fancy completely transforming your face, you could try experimenting with a different colour lipstick than you might normally wear or blending a couple of different colours of eyeshadow together. My friend does a great peacock eye by mixing turquoisey-green and purple.

Nail Art

I love painting my nails. It’s a great way to express yourself without being too dramatic or out there. Search “nail art” on Pinterest and prepare to be amazed at the beauteous images that pop up.

I want to try some of them immediately while others are, frankly, daunting. But don’t forget, even if you don’t have the steadiest of hands (or just struggle to paint the nails on your dominant hand with your non-dominant hand) there’s always nail wraps or stickers. Or you could just practice on a foolish willing friend or family member.

Make Your Own Skin Care Products

Even if you don’t wear makeup or paint your nails, there are other ways to get creative in your daily routine. The chances are that you do something to take care of your skin. You might moisturise after showering, to stop your skin getting dry. You might apply lip balm on a windy day.

If nothing else, I’m fairly certain you will either shower or take a bath! And you need products to use while you’re doing that. So why not make your own? You also have the added bonus of knowing exactly what’s in your product, so you don’t have to worry about dodging any weird chemicals.

Make Your Own Face Mask

There’s something about doing a face mask that feels like the ultimate pampering experience. It’s a great way to spend some me-time, and it’s actually very easy to mix up a homemade mask with items you might have in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house.

Some of the suggestions I’m about to give you sound like they should be eaten rather than slathered on your face, but go with it anyway!

Make Your Own Lip Balm

I personally love lip balm. I always have a tube in my handbag and another on my bedside table. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the recipe I used to make the batch I’m currently using, otherwise I’d share it with you.

Here are some suggestions for lip balms to make at home:

Make Your Own Bath Products

There are soooo many different bath products you can make for your pampering sessions. I’ve put together a few suggestions for you to take a look at below. If none of my ideas interest you, take a look on Pinterest. (Three hours later and you might be ready to make something…)

Why not have a homemade spa day with a few of these lovely ideas?

Make Your Own Body Butter

Body butter is a great way to replace your skin’s lost moisture, and it feels fantastic on the skin. But did you know how easy it is to make a thick and creamy body butter? It’s not something I’ve tried yet, but I certainly will soon.

Take a look at these tutorials for more information:

If you want to challenge yourself to get creative in your everyday life in other ways, take a look at my 30-day Get Creative Challenge. When you sign up, you will receive an email every three days with suggestions for ways to get more creative every day. Sign up below:

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