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Everyday Creativity: Gift Giving

This post in the Everyday Creativity series is all about finding creativity through the gifts that we give. We all have occasions where we want to give gifts to friends and family, and there are PLENTY of ways that we can get creative when making them. Find out more in this blog post.

This post in the Everyday Creativity series is all about finding creativity through the gifts that we give. We all have occasions where we want to give gifts to friends and family, and there are PLENTY of ways that we can get creative when making them.

The Everyday Creativity Series

Welcome to the third post in the Everyday Creativity series! The first post was all about finding creativity in keeping in touch with friends and family and the second looks at creativity in cooking and baking.

Creativity comes in many different forms, and because of this I believe everyone is at least a little bit creative. Some people can paint, some people can build amazing things with wood, some can make a cake into a work of art, and there are a million other ways that people get creative.

I want to celebrate the creativity in our everyday lives, and that’s why I’ve written this series of blog posts. There will be a total of six posts in the Everyday Creativity series. Besides this one, the others are on the topics of:

But now, on to today’s post…

Getting Creative With Gift Giving

We give gifts for so many different reasons and it’s something that we all do at one time or another. It can be hard to feel inspired, especially at times when you might be buying gifts for more than one person at a time (like at Christmas if that’s something you celebrate).

I like to try and find personal gifts that will really mean something to the recipient. In reality, it can be tricky to actually do that! One thing that I don’t really like is the generic gift set of bath and body products. Unless there’s a brand that you know the gift recipient loves, it strikes me as something you might only buy when you’re desperate or time-strapped!

So if it’s difficult to actually buy the perfect gift for someone, could you make something better instead? And can you make the gift wrap/box and tag too?

Food Gifts

One of my absolute favourite gifts to put together for someone I don’t know what to buy for is a food and drink hamper. Providing you know what they like to eat and drink (or even just a few of the items they like) this makes a brilliant gift.

All you need is a basket, some cellophane and some ribbon and you’ve got yourself a food hamper! Just try to avoid any foods that might spoil, unless you want your friend to wonder why they’ve been given a hamper including some gone-off cheese…

You could take the hamper idea and change it slightly to cater to the person’s hobby. If they love baking, why not get them an apron, oven glove, recipe book, bakeware and other utensils? You could throw in non-perishable food items such as cake decorations, homemade vanilla extract, and chocolate that they can use in their baking.

Another great handmade food gift is a jar of chutney or some other preserve. It’s even better if you picked the fruit for the jam yourself! Ideas include this, this, this, this, and this.

Gifts In A Jar

Baking Kit

Following on from the baking themed hamper above, you could make a baking kit in a jar. To do this, you put the dry ingredients for a recipe in a jar in layers, then tie on a label with the instructions.

All the recipient has to do is pour the jar ingredients into a bowl, add an egg and/or some oil or butter, then mix. And hey presto, even the most nervous baker has a batch of cookies or brownies!

We did this for my boyfriend’s sister once, as she’d mentioned to me that she wanted to bake with her little girl, but she had no clue how to go about it. She loved her baking kit present and they had a lot of fun baking the cookies together!

Other Ideas

But the gift in a jar can be about more than just baking. If a person needs a few items to carry out a certain activity, you can put them together in a jar with a beautiful ribbon and it instantly becomes a cohesive gift.

Ideas include:

  • a sewing kit in a jar (thread, needles, pins, scissors, thimble, etc)
  • a spa kit (a face mask, body lotion, exfoliator, scented candle, etc)
  • a manicure kit (a range of nail polishes, scissors, a nail file/emery board, buffer, nail polish remover, toe separator, etc)
  • even a cocktail kit! (instructions, mini bottle of alcohol, other ingredients – all in a mason jar with a handle to drink the cocktail from!)

Gifts To Make If You Sew

For those that sew, the possibilities for handmade gifts are endless. I’ll confess that I’ve not spent much time sewing by hand as I don’t have the patience for it. (I might have mentioned before that I’m the most impatient person I know…)

I definitely want to get into machine sewing, though. If you have a sewing machine and even just a vague idea of how to use it, I’m certain you could knock up some beautiful gifts.

Ideas to consider include a cushion cover, a tote or shopping bag, a quilt, a draught excluder, an apron and matching set of oven gloves, a phone or tablet case, a glasses case, a travel wallet… The possibilities are endless.

And don’t forget, even if you don’t sew, there’s always knitting and crochet to try!

Handmade Photo Collage

In the age of digital photos, I find that I rarely print out any of the photos that I take. They just sit on my computer or USB drive (actually, computer, USB drive AND external hard drive… I had a computer die on me at uni and lost a lot). Either way, it doesn’t seem quite the same looking through your photos on a screen compared to holding them in your hands or in an album.

A beautiful gift idea is to print off a load of photos of memories you have of the things you’ve done with the recipient. Then get a large photo frame and make the photos into a collage.

We did something similar to this for my boyfriend’s mum one Christmas. The idea came when we were in a shop and saw a large photo frame which had separate sections for about 8 or 10 photos (I can’t remember exactly how many it was). It also had the word ‘family’ in the middle.

We picked out a few photos of the family together on different occasions, printed them out and put them in the frame. Then we wrapped it and gave it to her as one of her Christmas presents.

She loved it and it’s now on the living room wall. It’s a perfect example of how a gift doesn’t have to be expensive to have a lot of meaning, and often it’s the ones that have had the most thought put into them that mean the most.

For More Ideas…

As always, Pinterest is a place I turn to when I’m in need of inspiration. Check out my boards for more handmade gift ideas and some ways to get creative when wrapping the gift too.

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