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Everyday Creativity: Keeping In Touch

This post in the Everyday Creativity series is all about finding creativity in keeping in touch with loved ones. There's so much creativity in writing a letter, and even more when you make or decorate the notecard and envelope yourself! Click through for more ideas.

This post in the Everyday Creativity series is all about finding creativity in keeping in touch with loved ones. There’s so much creativity in writing a letter, and even more when you make or decorate the notecard and envelope yourself!

The Everyday Creativity Series

Welcome to the first post in the Everyday Creativity series!

I believe we are all a little creative. True, some people are more creative than others. Our creative skills vary widely too. Some people have amazing writing skills, others can paint life-like landscapes, and there are a huge amount of other creative pursuits that you could be great at.

But I think we tend to overlook the creativity in our everyday lives. Who says you aren’t being creative if you’re not sitting down with a sketchbook and pencil? Who says cooking a meal from whatever is left in the fridge isn’t creative? Why can’t there be any creativity in writing a letter? Or in decorating your house, or planting a garden?

I have five other posts planned for the Everyday Creativity series:

If there are other topics you think I should add, please let me know!

But now, on to today’s post…

Getting Creative And Keeping In Touch

We all know that real, handwritten letters are few and far between these days. We’re glued to our phones/tablets/laptops and it’s so easy to fire off a quick text/email/some-other-kind-of-message-I’ve-not-thought-of. We rarely take the time to create anything more special (unless it’s a quick note added into a Christmas card).

When I was thinking about writing this series of blog posts, letter writing popped into my head early on. And as well as writing a lovely letter, how about creating a gorgeous notecard or colourful envelope for it to go in?

That’s a double whammy in terms of getting creative. I just know that whatever you make will bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

I’ve actually created an online course that takes you through this entire process. It includes a number of tutorials to make several different cards and envelopes. Then when you’ve made the notecards, I’ll give you some prompts to help you write the letters to go inside them. It’s called Create, Craft & Correspond and it’s available now!

Create, Craft & Correspond – The ecourse that helps you get creative, use up your craft supplies and make someone smile!

Ideas For Making Or Decorating A Notecard

Get Crafty

When it comes to making or decorating your own notecards, all you really need are some plain cards and envelopes and some bits and pieces to stick on them. You could even make your own cards and envelopes if you have cardstock and paper – there really are no barriers to doing this activity.

Regarding card designs, you can go as complicated or as simple as you like. You can use cardmaking elements that only need to be stuck on the front. You could also use strips of washi tape or ribbon to make a woven or layered design.

A shape cut from patterned paper can be so effective, particularly when it is attached with little foam pads that raise it off the surface of the card a little. You could then use a stamp or letter stickers to stick a word on the front like “hello” or something similar. And there you go — you’ve made a lovely card without having to have loads of fancy supplies.

Use Photos

Making a greetings card doesn’t have to be limited to physically making a design with paper, buttons, ribbons and glue. You can have just as much fun using a website that allows you to design your own card. They then print it out and send it for you.

Recently my boyfriend and I were looking through some old photos from his childhood. His dad had scanned all the old prints and burned them onto CDs. As we worked through them I started to see opportunities for personalised cards for his sister’s birthday and his parents’ anniversary which were coming soon (and on the same day!).

We found a really cute photo of his sister as a child, with a huge grin on her face as she sat in Postman Pat’s van on holiday somewhere. (Remember Postman Pat?!) We also found a picture of his parents posing at one of those things where you stick your head through the hole and it looks like you have someone else’s body.

Then we used funkypigeon.com to put them on the front of a card, and designed a personal message for each one. (There are so many sites that do this kind of thing – Funky Pigeon is just the one I use. I don’t necessarily recommend them above any other site.)

We had so much fun designing the cards together. It was actually the nearest I’ve been in a while to actually making something (that isn’t food-related) with my boyfriend. I’m sure he didn’t consider it in the least bit creative. (Remember how I said he claims not to have a creative bone in his body?)

I’m still working on getting him to realise that creativity comes in many different forms.

Oh yeah, on that note…

Ideas For Decorating The Envelope

When it comes to decorating the envelope, you could:

  • Doodle on the envelope. Draw something that means something to the recipient, such as a favourite food, flower or animal.
  • Draw a luggage tag to write the address in.
  • Use hand lettering techniques to write the address.
  • Use letter stamps to stamp the name or address.
  • Make an envelope from patterned paper.
  • Decorate a plain envelope with washi tape.

For More Ideas…

I almost feel silly tell you to do this, but don’t forget to check out Pinterest for so many more ideas and inspiration. Take a look at my Card Making and Letter Writing boards for some of my favourites.



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