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9 Ways To Make A Mixed Media Beach Scene

If you’re creating an image that has lots of possibilities for adding different textures, why not add some mixed media elements? In this blog post, I’m sharing nine ways to turn an acrylic painting into a mixed media beach scene. Click through to read more.

This blog post builds on my previous post, How To Paint A Simple Beach Scene With Acrylics. I thought that, as well as painting a simple beach scene, it might be fun to add some mixed media elements to the painting.

You don’t have to start with painting a beach scene if you don’t want to. You could create the image in another way, such as with coloured pencils or watercolours. There’s also the option to make the beach from a collage of torn paper, or print out an image from your computer. Why not try a few different approaches to see which one you like best? Either way, you have a lot of options for making this project your own.

Adding mixed media elements to a painting is a lot of fun anyway, but it’s especially satisfying when you’re working with an image that has a lot of possibilities for different textures. A beach scene is perfect, since you have the glistening water, the foam where the sea washes up on the beach, sand, pebbles and shells, seaweed, driftwood, clouds… You can see that there are lots of possibilities.

9 Ways To Make A Mixed Media Beach Scene

To add some mixed media details to your beach painting, you could:

  • Mix some sand into some PVA glue (white craft glue) to give the beach some texture.
  • Stick some small shells or pebbles onto the beach.
  • Add in some tiny sticks or pieces of dry grass/hay/straw to become driftwood.
  • Use chalk pastels and blend them out with your fingers to create some clouds.
  • Draw in some seagulls or other birds with a fine pen.
  • Cut out or tear some paper shapes to stick on as the sails of a yacht or the fin of a shark or dolphin.
  • Add in some figures paddling in the shallow water, or a person walking a dog. You could draw them, cut them out of paper or a magazine, build them up from smaller torn pieces of paper, or even use photographs of your family or friends.
  • Use coloured pencils or chalk pastels to add some footprints in the sand.
  • If you enjoy hand lettering, you could add some text to your painting. (You could also use letter stickers or stamps if you don’t feel confident hand lettering.)

I hope this gives you some ideas for adding mixed media details to your paintings and other creations!

Do you have any other ideas for ways to add details to a mixed media beach scene? Share them in the comments below if you do 🙂

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